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Before (2017)

After (Nov 2021)

"I am 46 years old, I am Argentine, but I have lived in New York for 21 years. From a very young age I began to be diagnosed with autoimmune diseases, vitiligo at 5 years old, endometriosis at 32 years old, rheumatoid arthritis at 39 years old, and dermatomycosis at 42 years old. This last condition literally put me in bed. My life changed overnight. My face was transformed from the systemic inflammation, my muscles stopped working and I became extremely weak. I had to stop working. Before turning to allopathic medicine, I tried "alternative" treatments that unfortunately did not work for me, but I never gave up hope of finding the treatment that treats the root causes of my immune diseases rather than alleviates the effect of their symptoms.
After so much searching, reading, studying, and testing, I met Dr. Alejandro Junger. When I heard his story I felt identified with many of his experiences. I enrolled in the "Gut Repair Program" for 4 weeks. I feel that the program marked a before and after in the treatment of my illnesses. The videos and PDFs carefully organized on the portal have a lot of useful and interesting information that helped me understand not only what is the origin of my diseases but how to heal. I have tried and enjoyed many recipes from the show that I have already added to my list of favorite foods. The group calls with Dr. Alejandro Junger and Diana were the best of the program since I felt accompanied and guided at all times. It was enriching to hear the questions from other program participants and the possible suggestions that Dr. Alejandro Junger and Diana offered. It was invaluable to be able to speak live with both of them and have all my questions answered. I also asked questions by email and I always received a prompt response to my concerns." - Andrea Cabrera

"My blood pressure is finally back to normal, after 5 years struggling with that and trying so many things." - Nathalie Dubois, CEO


I joined the 3 weeks gut program of Dr. Alejandro Junger because I was not feeling myself anymore. I was tired, felt sluggish, could not sleep properly because of bad digestion, etc. I started the program, doubting I will be able to survive. Well, I surprised myself. I did not feel hungry. Rather, I felt I was nourishing my body with the right food. Even within only a few days, I already felt I was a  more dynamic person had a clearer mind, and got a flat tummy! This program really makes you understand how digestion and the gut system influence your well-being and life. Thank you, Dr. Junger, for sharing your knowledge and support through weekly zoom calls. And thank you, Diana, for your precious daily support and amazing advice. I will definitely do the program twice or three times a year. Actually, I’ve already adjusted my way of eating for lasting well-being. Love, Kareen I.


"Joining the program was the best decision I have made for my health." - Rosa M.

I’ve just completed The Clean Gut Cleanse Program, and I feel compelled to share this uniquely beautiful experience that I had with not only Dr. Junger and Diana, but several other women, who I would now call my friends. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I just knew that I needed a change in my life, and had/have faith in Dr. Junger, so I took a chance and showed up to the program with an open mind, heart, and a commitment to Clean Gut. Diana is incredibly organized, along with nurturing, and created a warm yet user-friendly and straightforward program with an abundance of information varying from what we can and cannot eat, what we will need in the super market, the supplements we will need, along with links to get them, recipes, meditations, frequently asked questions and answers—the list goes on and on of all the wonderful things she’s provided. We then meet with Dr. Junger on a weekly zoom call. The best part (for me) was the online chat group because you really get to witness not only your own personal transformation on this program but the transformation of others. By the end of the program, we were all sparkling and glowing from the inside out. And although the program has come to an end, for many of us in the program, this is just the beginning of a lifestyle change that both Dr. Junger and Diana inspired us to make, along with each other. There’s power and love when you come together for the higher good; little miracles can happen, and they did. - Debra D.

My name is Sanna, and I’m 38 years old. I moved to the U.S. permanently in 2016. At the age of 18, I was diagnosed with acid reflux. For most of my young adult life, I suffered from mild stomach issues but nothing that really interfered with my life. At least not until I moved to the U.S. My stomach problems gradually got worse here. I had constant bloating, heartburn, abdominal pain, and constipation from time to time. I felt tired all the time, my skin was breaking out, and my seasonal allergies were acting up more than ever. I was introduced to the Gut Repair Program at the perfect time. I had gone to see a gastroenterologist who first recommended I eliminate certain foods from my diet, which I did. My symptoms got better, but they didn't fully go away. The next thing I did was I got tested for H-Pylori and SIBO, which both were negative. Since the symptoms were still there, the doctor suggested that I do a colonoscopy, which I was nervous about doing. Before doing the colonoscopy, I decided to try the program. The first week was the hardest since most of the diet consisted of smoothies. Still, as time went by, I started feeling better and better, I started to lose inches that had been bothering me, I felt lighter, my skin started to look better, and I really felt a huge difference in my gut. After 21 days, I still had mild symptoms, so Dr. Junger recommended I continue with the diet for another 21 days, and so I did. Once I got to the reintroduction phase, I was very nervous and scared because I didn’t want to eat anything that could mess it up again, but I did do it, and it very clearly showed me what foods were good for me and what were not. I am so grateful for Dr. Junger because I feel like a new person today. I feel happier, healthier and I have learned to listen and be kinder to my gut. I still implement a lot of the diet in my everyday life, and I truly love it! Smoothies for breakfast are the way to go! I definitely recommend the program for anyone who is suffering from gut and/or digestive issues. It will truly change your life. - Sanna T.

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