What is CLEAN 7?

CLEAN 7 is a seven-day detox program designed to jumpstart the process of restoring your body’s natural ability to heal itself. It is based on core principles from three sources: (1) Functional Medicine, (2) Ayurvedic Medicine, and (3) intermittent fasting. On their own, each one of these practices is a powerful tool for recalibrating the body and mind, restoring the natural and intended functioning of your bodily systems, thus reversing and preventing symptomatic dysfunction. What I found by integrating tools from all three into one easy-to-follow program is incredible. Combined, the three are an unstoppable, powerful force that will guide you to a new understanding of what it means to be healthy. I think of it as the yoga of detox. The word yoga in Sanskrit means union. CLEAN 7 is the union of both modern and ancient sciences. Just as yoga achieves its balancing results by activating and recalibrating nervous pathways through physical movements, the CLEAN 7 program will bring physiologic balance by activating and recalibrating your inner chemistry, moving nutrients, antioxidants, and Ayurvedic adaptogenic herbs through your blood.



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